This page is meant to make paying for your voice lessons easier!  In addition to accepting cash and checks, I also accept online payments through the service called Wave.

Please remember that payments must be received before your lesson begins.


Paying for ongoing lessons

Most of the time, there will be 4 lessons per month.  When that’s the case, please use one of the following links.  If there should be 3 or 5 lessons in a given month, I will send you an invoice so you can pay the correct amount.

4 Weeks of Voice Lessons: 30 minutes

4 Weeks of Voice Lessons: 45 minutes

4 Weeks of Voice Lessons: 60 minutes


Paying for individual a-la-carte lessons

Use this section if you are just scheduling one lesson at a time.

Voice Lesson: 30 minutes

Voice Lesson: 45 minutes

Voice Lesson: 60 minutes